You can create any Contact box item you wish. Can be different sizes, fields and much more. You can choose if you want to get it on 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 or full width. You can also choose if you want to show whole informations like phone number, address, email, fax, website url or maybe you want to show just one of them.

You can add this item using our easy to use Content Builder:

content_builder_contact_boxor you can add it using below shortcode:

[[contact_box title="Get in touch" telephone="+61 (0) 3 8376 6284" address="Envato, Level 13, 2 Elizabeth St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia" email="" twitter="@envato"]]

[divider height=”5″ line=”0″]

  • title (optional) – contact box title
  • address (optional) – contact box address
  • telephone (optional) – contact box telephone number
  • fax (optional) – contacr box fax number
  • email (optional) – contact box e-mail address
  • www (optional) – contact box website url
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